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Gran Vía 18

IBA Capital Partners
6.500 m2
Delivery date
July 2020
15 months

The objective of the project was to partially restructure the building, adapting it to the new regulations, refurbishing it for the intended use and restoring protected elements. It is a building that has been listed as a Spanish “Bien de Interés Cultural” (Good of Cultural Interest) since 1913, category 5.

The work consisted of the structural consolidation of the building and tower, the restoration of facades and protected elements, the incorporation of a new skylight in the central courtyard, the equipping of the facilities according to current regulations, and the improvement of access to the different floors by means of escalators, elevators, platform lifts, etc.

The biggest challenge involved building everything that had been planned while ensuring the building was unaltered. In other words, we were able to skew the building’s columns, propping them up in the critical phase and reinforcing them without causing any type of collapse or related incident.

All of which contributes to the well-being of its occupants thanks to the LEED Gold certification.

The Lean2Cradle methodology was applied and the Material Passport was obtained.

In our words

lean2cradlecuadrateimageleanconstructionfachada realizada con el método cradle to cradlematerial passport construcía

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