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Who we are

Welcome to Construcía

We are the pioneers of circular construction. We are promoting a change of model to sustainable construction, positive for the ecosystem and for people’s health.

We are builders. We have a vocation of service and we are committed to sustainable construction.  And since our beginnings in 2002, we have been committed to innovation and  continuous learning to generate abundance in the sector through circular construction.

Our evolution over these years has been motivated by the pursuit of excellence, which impels us to explore new paths to produce a positive impact on people, society and the environment.


Circular construction


Aware of the need to integrate criteria of sustainability in our sector—one of those that generates most waste—, we have made a firm decision: to rethink the model. And this was how in 2018 we created  the methodology of circular construction: Lean2Cradle® Construcía


With it we apply the principles of the circular economy to construction without increasing the cost or the time period of the projects. This is possible thanks to the fusion of the paradigm of circular economy based on the principles of  Cradle to Cradle with Lean Construction methodology.



“We want to disassociate economic growth from the massive consumption of raw materials”. Arturo Fernández, CEO and founder of Grupo Construcía.

desvincular el crecimiento económico del consumo masivo de materias primas

In 2012 we began to apply the Lean model in the management of our projects, with the purpose of being more efficient in the construction process. This resulted in an increase of productivity and in a reduction of operating costs, which allow us to be sustainable and at the same time, profitable.


The  Cradle to Cradle  principles that we adopted in 2013 are inspired in the operation of nature, which optimizes resources to the maximum and  generates nutrients  instead of waste materials. This is why, for our buildings, we chose healthy materials that can return to the earth once used, or be re-used indefinitely in the production cycle.


With our  Lean2Cradle® Construcía  methodology we do not limit ourselves to creating «less bad» spaces, we go beyond this. Our mission is to design and build work spaces that enhance health and the comfort of employees and affect their well-being positively, which, in turn, will benefit the labour environment and productivity.

Sustainable and profitable construction


Our methodology of circular construction is a differential value that Construcía places at the service of its clients and that allows us to fulfil our objective:  to transform the construction sector toward a circular model with positive impact on people, society and   the ecosystem, while generating economic value.


This strategic commitment to sustainable construction results in   steady growth that attests to our business model. Currently we have a team formed by 252 persons distributed between the offices of Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.


And our financial strength is reflected in the following figures:

    • Growth in turnover that has gone from 27 million euros in 2008 to 92.4 million euros in 2019.
    • A volume of equity of 8 million euros.
    • A working capital in the amount of 4 million euros.

Circular construction is now a reality. Grupo Construcía has opened the way in Spain and accompanies, as constructor or consultant, all those that wish to join sustainable construction.



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